NDL Equo

A framework specifically developed to BUILD decentralized applications (dApps) that exploits services of different blockchain/DLT networks in a transparent, efficient and ubiquitous way.

A standard software construction that guarantees the quality, efficiency, mantainability, scalability and sturdiness of dApps.

Customizable modular ecosystem that allows its expansion to cover any new functional or service requirement by decentralized applications.

NDL Retis

Collaborative and multidimensional blockchain network that is internally structured in the same way as a group of neurons in the brain. The change logbook and the blockchain for that network, is made up of the sum of all the “memory” stored in those groupings of neurons. It is a private network infrastructure that hosts mixed information (public and private) on its nodes.

All this, gives NDL Retis the ability to be the only Blockchain network that combines massive transaction management, low energy consumption, low lattency and the possibility of storing files on the network itself, by rising the Blockchain network, responding as a whole to the needs of Industry 4.0.

Technology specifically designed to cover the requirements of real world business environments and large data consumption markets (B2B, B2C, M2M).

Business Smart Contract is an administrative file that defines the nature and execution of a business process and its traceability during its lifetime.

NDL Integra

A second level Blockchain network (based on Retis) whose purpose is to INTERCONNECT OTHER Blockchain networks to establish cross-asset markets.

We use Integra to:

Interconnect Blockchain networks in a transparent, certified, secure, auditable and traceable way.

Create virtual markets that offer products and services hosted in different Blockchain networks in a unified way.

Define new products and services based on business synergies or compounds, through those offered by any of the connected networks.

Breaks down complex use cases into simpler case groupings using the Blockchain network composition technique.