NDL DocKeeper

Digital Asset Certification

To obtain an NDL DOCKEEPER certificate for any document or set of documents, simply drag them to the application. Once the service registration is completed, you choose through the dApp on the provided web application the certifier that best suits your asset.
NDL DocKeeper will then create a special transaction in your account that will contain both the properly encrypted digital certificate of your asset/s and ownership´s proof. NDL Dockeeper releases this transaction as the base of the Blockchain certificate.

Certified Email


NDL Dockeeper doesn’t only safeguard the transaction hash, it also stores physical
documents in the Blockchin nework itself (Pdf, AVI, Jpeg, Word, etc…).


NDL Dockeeper even certifies the body message sent to third parties, having legal validity in court, including its attachments.


NDL Dockeeper storage is made up of a node network spread across different geographic locations around the world, which confers great hardiness against attacks and unathorized reading.


NDL Dockeeper is made up of a second generation Blockchain network.


Any type of data or document of value that is related to a natural or legal entity (car rights, company shares, etc…) can be traded, bought, sold or changed through the NDL Dockeeper asset transfer marketplace. We physically guard your valuable documents in our Blockchain network.


Secure Blockchain certificate and password storage of all kinds, specially designed for crypto wallets.