Our Vision

Technologies such as the IoT or the Internet of Things, will connect billions of devices around the world, generating the largest data volume ever known, stored and managed massively (Big Data). With the algorithm support for Artificial Intelligence, we are giving rise to a new industrial revolution based on the most disruptive technologies.

Industry 4.0 will set the start of the 21st Century by fostering a new economic and social change, highlighting technology as the epicenter of education. Creating a new world of automated interconnected machines working, learning, communicating and doing business between each other.

A key technology that will guarantee reliable information, ineltarability of millions of data and massive transaction security running through the networks that sustains Industry 4.0. This is blockchain.

Our Mission

ByEvolution is born with the call of boosting both company and Industry 4.0 development, by creating a Blockchain technology that solves all Industry 4.0 neccesities, granting viability and IoT, Big Data and AI environment security.

All of them aim for the most disruptive technologies, looming on the new business horizon, such as quantum computing. The creation and management of a global network of thousands of distributed nodes support the needs of the Industry 4.0. This is the result of applying a new concept of Blockchain technology, fully oriented to the business world from its conception.


Our Solution

NDL involves a paradigm shift in the world of the current Blockchain solution market.

 NDL technology  has been fully developed by BYEVOLUTION CREATIVE FACTORY, wich has many functional characteristics that differentiates it as a whole:


Massive transaction management.

– Different networks and use cases integration.

Low latency.

Low energetic consumption.

– Business Smart Contract.

Data protection regulatory compliance.

– Any type of file storage in the blockchain network.

NDL represents a new blockchain solution generation which responds to the Industry 4.0 neccesities in terms of massive data environments that IoT, Big Data and AI require, allowing viability of new business models that will emerge in this new technological disruptive environment.