Byevolution has obtained the EIBT mark, accreditation recognized by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and granted by the National Association of Spanish CEEIs (ANCES)

The Málaga based company Byevolution, placed at BIC Euronova in the
Technological Park of Andalusia (PTA), obtained the EIBT mark, accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and conceeded by the National Associaton of Spanish CEEIs (ANCES).

The EIBT mark, in this ocasion has distinguished Byevolution on a national level as an Innovative Technology-based company. The EIBT mark is a badge that recognizes those companies that make R&D investments higher than the average in the high technology sectors they operate on. They also have an innovative product.

This mark distinguishes Technology-based Innovative Companies (EIBT), as the key to the optimization process of knowledge and technology. Therefore, scientific and technological activity is transferred to the bussines world.

In the last edition 2019 of the EIBT award, Byevolution was the proposed company by the European Business and Innovation Centre of Málaga, BIC Euronova.

The EIBT mark act of delivery to Byevolution was held this Monday at BIC
Euronova. The act was commited with Cármen Sánchez Sierra, the territorial delegate of employment, training, self-employment, economy, knowledge, companies and the university board. Also with Álvaro Simón de Blas, the ANCES president and CEO of BIC Euronova.

“The recognition to the Málaga-based business fabric as a leader in technology- based innovation, places even more value on Málaga-based companies that remain at the forefront of the different productive sectors, in this case, based on Blockchain technology”. Said Simón de Blas.

Sánchez pointed out that there are already 25 Málaga companies recognized by the EIBT mark. “nine of them have been awarded with Spin-off Award by the University of Málaga”, which shows, as Sánchez said, “a close link between the University and the creation of companies in Málaga”.


The 25 Málaga companies recognized by the EIBT mark: Entersoftweb, Ihman, Naoset Sistemas, Netblue Ingenieros, Enercome, Arpa Solutions, Centro Mediterráneo de Fotobiología, Nerea, Aquaculture Solution Biotech, Probio, Ingelabs, Brain Dynamics, Stockholm Precision Tools, Pesyr I+D, Agrolaboratorios Nutricionales, Torsa Clock y Melomics, DHV Technology, Eneso, Métrica6, Aganova, Next Generation Rail Technologies, Tupl, Aeorum y Byevolution.

From the 25 Malaga companies, nine are SPIN-OFF awards of the University of Malaga, which shows a close link between the University and the creation of companies in Malaga. In addition, 13 of these companies have been incubated at the European Business and Innovation Centre in Malaga, BIC Euronova.


The EIBT mark, led by ANCES and supported by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, was launched in 2001 to support the creation and consolidation of technology-based innovative companies in Spain.

This brand has BIC Euronova, the European Business and Innovation Centre of Malaga, as a local node since its inception, which is working with the aim of dynamising the technological fabric of the province, favouring employment through the creation of added value enterprises, enhancing the mechanisms that serve as a bridge between research and business innovation and systematising a working methodology for all CEEIs.

Since 2018 APTE (Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain) has also been collaborating in the dissemination of the brand among companies based in the Spanish Technology Parks. BIC Euronova has been the headquarters of the National Association of Spanish CEEIs (ANCES) since 2009, and has continuously supported Malaga’s innovative companies in obtaining the EIBT mark, working as a local project partner.


ByEvolution is a company specialized in the application of disruptive technologies, which develops its own blockchain solutions to meet the needs of Industry 4.0, and with the aim of making them a global reference standard in IoT environments, Big Data and AI.

They are also launching a global pay-per-use business platform supported by a distributed network of thousands of nodes, for which it has developed its own blockchain technology, NDL (Neural Distributed Ledger), oriented to the massive management of transactions and Smart contracts.

The first subscription and pay-per-use service, based on that technology, is NDL Dockeeper. A document certification service, cybersecure mail and asset marketplace, which ByEvolution makes available to companies and individuals since next April.